A to Z inner-ing exercise

Human brains are wired to effectively process one linear thought at a time. Here’s an exercise that helps you in uplifting your mood and fetching positive outcomes, especially when you are feeling intense emotions like anger, fear, hatred, insecurity, guilt etc.

The exercise is called ‘A to Z inner-ing exercise’, and the inspiration of this exercise comes from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks (Law of Attraction). You may wonder why is it called the ‘A to Z inner-ing exercise’ Well! All of us started our learning journey with the Alphabets. Going from A to Z will give enough time (just the right amount – neither too less nor too much) to change our state from negative to positive.

Here is how to do this 5-step mindful exercise: Exercise on!

Prerequisite: Be willing and mindful!

Step 1: Deep breaths

In & out for 5 seconds. In your mind affirm “I am willing to do this

uplifting A to Z inner-ing exercise. I am all set.”

Step 2: Countdown, 10…1. Calm your mind and body.

Step 3: Mind Mapping

Give a leisurely glance to the wordlist(Handout 1) for 10 seconds. This is a list of power words. You can add to the list and write your own power words, any word reflecting the change in thought or state you are intending to bring about.

Step 4: Capturing your power Fill in the blanks and try to capture ‘10 power words in 10 seconds’. In Handout 2[P2], there are two columns. In the first column, the heading is “I feel excited”, and in the second column the heading is “to know I Am …”. Download the sheet and start filling on the right-hand side with your power words.

Example: Left hand-side reads “I feel excited” and in the right column I have fed the power word that came instantly to my mind. This is how my list looks.

P.S: Your mind would pick up those that it had been looking for.

P.P.S: Initially, you may or may not reach 4 words and that’s okay. But, with practise, words would start coming easily and more naturally. Also, if you are doing this exercise with a facilitator or in a group reaching 8-9 words is easy.

Step 5: Reiterate & Recapture

Read out ‘aloud’ the complete sentences on your sheet. Read the whole line from left to right, loudly like this, “I feel excited to know I Am… Dedicated, I feel excited to know I Am… Blessed, I feel excited to know I Am… Aligned” and so on, from what you have written.

Trust me, ‘A to Z inner-ing’ exercise helps in the holistic expansion – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Helpful Notes:

  • This exercise can be done with the help of a facilitator, or in a group. It may have more effective and positive outcomes. The facilitator can do the back counting 10 to 1, give out handout 1 to the participants, keep track of the time and ask the participants to read the whole list out aloud.
  • The power words can be NOUNS, e.g. – dreamer, believer, light, VERBS, e.g. – walking, exercising, re-claiming, ADJECTIVES, e.g.– big, smart, awesome or ADVERBS, e.g. – fast, effectively, efficiently etc. A reference list is provided to get you started.
  • You could try to use your non-dominant hand to fill the power words in the right column to do the exercise more mindfully.
  • If you are performing this exercise mentally, your mind may wander, it’s okay, even if your mind has picked up one positive word, you are better off than before. You may stop in between and think, until the words start coming easily and effortlessly.
  • To reap its benefits to the fullest, please follow this exercise for at least 21 days or more.

‘A to Z inner-ing exercise’ can also be practised:

  • intentionally and mindfully, as a 5-minute meditation round.
  • Especially when you are about to take an interview or about to write an exam etc.when there’s a tiny break-time (less than few minutes).
  • Here’s how to do:

a) Close your eyes and move into a comfortable position, whether you are at your desk or reclining on the sofa.

b) Take slower and deeper breaths and anchor your attention on the breath. Your mind may wander off, and that’s okay and natural. Gently, bring your awareness back to breathing.

c) Set an intention with these affirmative lines:

‘I am willing to be mindful. I am willing to connect with my inner-self. I thank myself for giving permission to relax…

d) Now, with every deep breath in, start thinking of uplifting power words. With every breath in, choose an uplifting, positive word with alphabets ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ till ‘Z’, sequentially or randomly- blessed, creative, abundant, worthy, inspired, grateful etc.

e) You would start feeling grounded, and the intensity of the thoughts slowing down and the breath beginning to get deeper than before.

Hints: You may also refer to the power words from this document.

Benefits of A to Z inner-ing exercise:

  • It helps in accelerating the process of coming out of the fearful/anxious state easily and in less than 10-12 seconds. The more you do this exercise, the more easily the uplifting power words start coming to you. The more conversant and easy the exercise becomes.
  • You are building up your vocabulary with positive, uplifting, spiritual words.
  • It is a part of self-love practise that one can give oneself in a fun playful way.
  • The mind is usefully and consciously occupied looking for positive words (randomly or alphabetically whichever way you want to go with it)

Keep shining always!

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