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When and How to Introduce Books to Children?

When & How to Introduce books to children?

Book reading is a promising hard skill to have. It stimulates the imaginative and creative sensory of the child’s brain because there are no visuals to manipulate the narrative to the content they are consuming.

how to develop reading habits in children?

To develop your children’s interest in reading, introduce it in the guise of a game or as a ceremonial ritual.

5 ways to develop reading habits in children
7 ways to develop the reading habit in overactive children

How to Read to an Overactive Child?

Conduct constructive reading sessions with patience, kinesthetic methods, reading more chapter books in a warm and welcoming ambience

Importance of Comic Books for Children

Comic books are art, art that is designed in the best way to help children learn and grow.

Reading Comic Books is important for Children. Read the blog to find about the positive aspects and importance of reading comic books to children..
Why Read Aloud to Children, benefits and importance

Why Read Aloud to Children?

When we read aloud to our children we send a ‘pleasure’ message to the child’s brain”, Jim Trelease

How to Effectively Read Aloud to A Child?

“Reading aloud to children is the magic bullet for creating a lifelong reader”

Blog on How to Effectively Read Aloud to a Child
Read-aloud books for children often end with positive messages and morals, which help them learn virtues like kindness, persistence and friendship.

In this blog we have given our recommendation of the ten best read-aloud picture books that young readers would easily fall in love with.

10 Best Read-Aloud Picture Books

Read-aloud books for children help them learn virtues like kindness, persistence and friendship. Here’s our recommendation of 10 Best Read-Aloud Picture Books. Read on!

10 Thoughtful Books for Children

Today, reading literature is one of the healthiest habits for children. So, encourage your child to read and further strengthen their habit of reading! Explore the list!

The Top 10 Thoughtful, must-read and Much sought after books for children