Excerpts: e-launch of the book ‘A Song of India’ by Ruskin Bond with ‘The Indian Express Parenting’

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A Song of India by Ruskin Bond

Adding a feather to his cap and the fourth volume to his memoir, Ruskin Bond’s ‘A Song of India’ hit the stands last month.  A Song of India-The Year I Went Away takes us back to Bond’s childhood and his final year in India before he went to the UK to live his passion for writing. The book also marks 70 years of the journey of Bond and his pirouetting pen. 

In an interview with Express Parenting, India Express, Bond shared some treasurable lessons for children and the young aspiring writers. Being a child at heart even in his eighties, he strongly advises children to value their childhood as there’s no second time around with it. “You are not going to be sixteen again, so have a wonderful time. Go for hikes, have adventures, read a lot of books.”, he adds. He condemns the time spent on outdoor activities being overtaken by technology and all new forms of entertainment.

On being asked about how he never runs out of thoughts to write about, he says for him there’s never a dull moment. He never runs out of ideas because he can see something is always happening around all the time, which can easily be put down in words. He emphasizes that to be a writer, it is of utmost importance to be interested in people around. For him, memories of people and time spent with them turns out to be an excellent basis to write about. 

He recognizes that the pressure children face these days is different from what he had during his childhood. The pressure of studies and grades, earning a living, and having a good career, he finds the world turning into a rat race with societal norms taking over one’s sense of making a choice. 

He pities the irony that in the age of technological advancement where there’s extended forms of freedom like over the internet, still the basic freedom to pursue what one loves, has gone down. 

His eyes lit up when he mentions that more and more children these days are showing their interests in pursuing writing as their career and in knowing how to express themselves better, which, according to him, is a radical change and excellent progress. On being asked about his advice for young children and writers, he proposes ‘enhancing command over any language of choice’ to be considered as a pre-requisite when venturing into the writing career. He smilingly warns them that writing can be a difficult way of making a living; however, it is figurable.

Like the perfect author, he has built up the excitement, and has kept us waiting for his upcoming book “How To Be A Writer”. 

We at ‘She Narrates‘ look forward to the above upcoming book by Ruskin Bond! 

Here’s the video link to the e-launch of the book ‘A Song of India’ by Ruskin Bond –

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