No Normal

No Normal‘ a new and a startling phrase…

Dr Graeme Codrington in an interview with the ‘Asia Professional Speakers Convention‘ sheds light on what to expect in the near future, as the global Covid-19 pandemic will subdue, leaving the world economy in a reset mode.  

Dr Graeme Codrington is a futurist, digging deeper into scenarios, and analysing trends to anticipate the future, to help us prepare to combat threats and adapt to the changes efficiently. On being asked about how long the pandemic is going to last, basing the answer on historical accounts of previous pandemics, he expects the COVID-19 pandemic to last around 2-3 years after which the community can be expected to build herd immunity. But in the worst-case scenario, it might extend to 5-10 years. 

Rebutting the commonly used phrase ‘the new normal’, he highlights that there will be ‘No Normal’. He highlights that ultimately we will be living with deep disruption affecting all spheres of life and business.

When asked about the impact on the community, especially that of speakers, coaches, and trainers, he brings out the positives of the situation. He highlights how the ‘have to’ situations have made us learn and adapt inevitably. Most of the online services and the usage of advanced technologies should be seen as an enhanced reach that can possibly continue in the future.  The key takeaway from his interview was that the current scenario is all about recognizing all possible choices to extend services online and work upon the technique, style, and content to adapt to the ‘new default setting’ where people would want to avoid physical contact. 

Key Highlights:

  • Complaining about government regulations unless the global Covid-19 pandemic subdues would not be useful. Instead, keeping a positive attitude and a problem-solving approach would serve us. Our choices will ultimately shape us and our environment.
  • Not to panic, just a lot of preparation because there is going to be a change in the way we will now engage with the world around us.
  • Post Covid-19, there would be an exponential rise in the digitisation of businesses fuelling innovations in healthcare, online education, almost all across the board. 
  • Hope is not a strategy. Look at what’s probable and plan accordingly. 
  • The balance between fear and confidence will shape the future of businesses and our community as a whole. 
  • Spend lockdown time not just to enhance technology, but also your style and technique of delivering or imparting knowledge; taking it as an opportunity.

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