Your (un)resolved solution

»Pallavi (She Narrates)

As the messages inundate
What, when, whose and where
Between assumptions, apologies and sorrows
You are in despair
Because it is leading nowhere

You try, you still try
Into the confusing lanes
Cuffed in tags and chains
With added spices of
Giphys and emoticons
As response

You struggle
Back and forth
Trying a response
Finding a way
Almost giving up

Disappointment, confusion, blanks and beeps
No dearth of melancholy
But wait
Keep up with the spirit
You have been through
Many trials and triumphs

One simple step
Plan the return of mirth instead
Keep the phone away
And say
Why not take something even more scary
Most daunting
The assignment in the class today
Response can wait!

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