In gratitude!

» Pallavi (She Narrates)

I am as young a parent as you, my child,
I am as full of light as you are bright,

Once again
I am as newborn as you, my child,
Yet you are the teacher, and I am the student.

The open-minded soul you are
The focused physical reality you are
The awareness you bring to me     
The life in it’s: heavenly totality

When fangs of ego cross my way
You always catch up, almost unawares

Not allowing me to flit away
Indulge in the smug glory

Thank you for keeping me aligned
Thank you for choosing me as your parent
Thank you for keeping me grounded
Thank you for choosing to smile, ever so pleasant!

How can I thank you enough?
Words? Not enough

I have learnt to open my wings of fly
With you by my side

Big, wide, beautiful life!

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