“Narratives by She Narrates”: My 4-Year-Old’s Engaging World

“NARRATIVES BY Pallavi Prakash Kumar SHE NARRATES”: MY 4-YEAR-YOUNG Pratham's ENGAGING WORLD- Lego blocks video and activity

The world of our children is nowhere near the practicalities we grown-ups feel drawn towards; it is rather filled with imagination, excitement, enthusiasm, and constant dynamism! 

No wonder, you’ll never find a child doing nothing! They are constantly engaged in one thing or the other. In my observance with Pratham and his friends, there are three things that kids like doing, most of the time. They are either 1) Building something or 2) Role-playing or 3) Storytelling.

I have tried secretly recording Pratham engaged in his activities- Lego blocks activities. Join me for a tour of his world (and the insights I could draw)! 

Video 1: Pratham – The Little, yet Brave Firefighter

This day, Pratham had made a fire-truck model with the Lego bricks sets he has, jointly playing the role of a firefighter/fireman.
Certainly, this way, teaching him about the roles of different people in our communities becomes easy.

Did you notice how a science concept like lever and fulcrum can become easy to explain to a child now? He has made a simple lever pivoted on the inline 360 rotating wheels acting as a fulcrum, as per his qualitative science knowledge he has.

He is also exhibiting his social skills when he says “when fire moves out, he is helping each other friends”. He is also instructing the (imaginary) people around when he says “Be careful, guys!” in this video.

If playtime can help our children learn so much with sub-conscious efforts, what more can we ask for! And the versatility Lego brings in cannot be appreciated enough. Today he is a firefighter, tomorrow he will be designing cars, and the day after maybe robots, the possibilities are endless, just like his imagination!

Video 2: Pratham – The Inquisitive Space Scientist

Another day, another adventure! This day, Pratham built a rocket using his Lego blocks. His eyes light up as he says ‘It’s a rocket. It goes to the moon!’. He takes pride in his creation and enthusiastically demonstrates how fast the rocket goes up.

Simple Lego activities like these make learning so much fun. Not only these help in refining motor skills but also help to build confidence and stimulate imagination and creativity. Watch out Elon Musk! 

Happy Lego building time!

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