Mother-Child Relationship

The Purest Bond-

In a world where we get so lost, absorbed in daily chores and activities, we have mother’s-day that reminds us of the power of loving care there is. Mother’s day restores our faith in the power of love.

‘Just like Four Seasons
Spring, Summers, Fall and Winters
In a year
She is all Four Seasons
Every day
From fresh and breezy 
To fuming and fretted 
From calm and collected
To cold and stony
But nurturing and caring always’

(poem ©2020 Pallavi Prakash Kumar)

Celebrating motherhood every day…

The bond between a mother and her child lasts for a lifetime. It remains unchanged and unconditional. The purest form of love is when a mother holds her baby for the first time and it only increases after that. Every time a baby is born, a mother does too.

When babies are born, they are a clean slate, pure as divine in all their essence. They know no one, not even their parents. They certainly don’t know any right or wrong, good or bad ways to interact with the world. So, they do what comes naturally to them and develop into a fine specimen of a human.

How it Begins-

The concept of attachment in infants begins when they are inside their mother’s womb. It is hypothesized that an infant’s attachment with its mother grows stronger each day. This attachment grows stronger and stronger over time and corresponds overwhelmingly with age.

The mother-child relationship is a prime opportunity for early intervention and prevention. The foetus experiences the mother’s life. It means that the foetus can perceive aspects of her life and get shaped by her thoughts, beliefs and experiences. One of the most joyous moments for an expectant mother is listening to the heartbeats of the foetus through an ultrasound. It reminds her that this relationship is starting. It is exciting and solacing at the same time! 

Mothers as Celebration-  

A person can become as successful as he wishes, mothers always hold the central part of life. It’s natural to turn to mothers during an emotional affair, be it an unproductive day or a successful one. It is because mothers are the foundation of all emotions. From the gift of life to the gift of home and education, a mother does the best for her children in her best capacity possible.

But narratives like ‘Mothers as Superheroes’ and ‘Perfect parents’ needs to change now. We hear countless stories of moms giving up their education or jobs, in some cases taking more than one job to make their children flourish; single mothers fighting harder to fulfil the needs of their children. These narratives aren’t serving mothers or the upcoming generation well.

First, the weight of these stories wouldn’t let a mother operate from a space of joy, abundance or self-fulfilment. Second, she would always feel the burden of her repressed or bottled emotions coming on the way in raising her child happily. Third, she would get exhausted easily, later resentful in running her errands peacefully. And as children always learn by examples, in scenarios like these, the example presented to them is not a healthy one.

To raise our children to be free and happy, and emotionally healthy, it’s important mothers work on their inner beliefs, learned behaviours, self-worth and self-esteem. They must first take care of their well-being as mothers.

I, as a mother, resonate with the excerpts from Louise Hay’s book ‘Empowering Women’ a lot. Here it goes:

The best thing parents/mothers can do for their children is to learn to love themselves, for children always learn by example. That ways, parents/mothers will have a better life, and their children will have a better life, too.”

Motherhood as a Challenge- 

Motherhood is the most beautiful gift in the world. But it does come with its shares of responsibilities and gamut of emotions to be managed along the way; many unlearning of her inner beliefs and learned behaviours to do along the way. A mother caters to a lot of things in a day’s time, too, fulfilling the needs of her children, such as cooking, cleaning, schooling, changing diapers, playing games, planning activities, reading and repeat. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the journey, and it does leave a mother feeling adrift, untethered, clueless sometimes. 

Despite the challenges, the mothers cater to her responsibilities wholeheartedly. Mothers have an innate sense of nurturing and caring. After all, she is the epitome of creation which she wears in all its glory like a crown.

Deep within, she knows “The challenge of parenting/motherhood is a great opportunity for spiritual awakening. Becoming a fully conscious parent is the greatest gift to give a child.” (Quoted by Eckhart Tolle) 

As a mother-

The mother-child relationship is the purest bond that I could get to experience. I feel blessed and contented as a mother. Beginning my day with an anchor thought that my child chose me as one of his first spectator, cheerleader and contributor for his smiles, soul expansion, and a partner for co-creation, fills my heart with words of gratitude and appreciation. What better gift could have I asked for from the Universe! I very deliberately choose contributing, complimenting, and celebrating the co-creation as an avid cheerleader, avid spectator and avid contributor in the growth and expansion as a Being with him. 

I am happy to be sharing my experiences, my perspectives with you!

Thank you for reading! Happy Mother’s Day! And Happy Parenting!

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