10 best Santa gift ideas for kids between 4 years to 6 years of age

December is here, the month when we prefer to slow down, snuggle up and surprise our loved ones with gifts or games. Oh when talking about gifts it reminded me to share with you what are some of the Santa gifts that you can plan for your kids if they are between age group 4 years to 6 years! So before we buy the Santa gifts or games for kids this time let us understand the importance and how to select the right toys or games for them but pick intuitively or allow your child to decide.

The introduction of the right toy to the child is a crucial part of parenting. Games transmit a critical impact on the growing brain of a child. Correct toys contribute to the social, mental, and physical development of a child.

So, it needs to be considered before buying the toys that it contributes to developing certain personality traits.

And gifting your child with a precious toy on the occasion of Christmas can be an exciting event for your child too. Here, we have discussed some toys which will fulfill the requirement of an ideal toy and could be a great Santa present for them.

  1. Wooden building blocks or Legos

A child’s brain implies a germinating seed that contains tons of opinions and ideas. They need a prudish tool that provides the shape of their expression. The ideal toy should grant total freedom to kids to architect their imagination. It also empowers their thought process to find purpose in their creation. Therefore, the right present for children should be inventive and engaging.

A set of building blocks, a precise gift to accomplish all the expectations. Playing with blocks exists a proven simplistic activity to enhance the cognitive function of children. A building block is suitable for children above four years of age. It supports the fine and gross motor development in budding kids. Moreover, it will be beneficial to achieve the milestone of the psychological maturation of the child.

  • Provides learning opportunity
  • Support healthy development
  • Enhance problem-solving skill

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2. Wax Crayon

Colouring signifies a proven technique of subconscious reflection. Scintillating colours spark the imaginations and perhaps the most creative way to galvanize the creativity in children. Colouring stimulates sensory and motor development and speech improvement in kids. Besides, it also builds the strength of hand muscles and improves coordination. It is a fun exercise that educates the child at the same time.

Colours inspire a kid to paint their potential on a piece of paper, certainly constructing their self-confidence. Wax crayon is a suitable present for a child between the age of 4 to 6 years. This small gift can transform the child into a creative and expressive person.

  • Support focus and concentration building
  • Improve the coordination skills
  • It teaches patience to kids

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3. Math link cubes

The Blooming of the brain is rapid at a tender age and requires an expressive stimulus to intensify this development. Fun and learning should be the purpose of every childhood activity. Therefore, the inclusion of novel ideas in fun fulfils the requirement of formative learning. 

Preface to numbers at an early age also activates the intellectual development of children. To solve the purpose of fun and learn completed by the math link cubes. These cubes give glimpses of the world of numbers to children, therefore, an excellent gift for a budding kid.

  • Develops motor and sensory skills
  • Promotes problem-solving abilities
  • Preface to elementary math concepts

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4. Musical kids drum set

Music possesses a healing essence, particularly for sobbing children. According to research, music helps in the development of the auditory and visual cortex area of the human brain, thus increasing intelligence. Neonates frequently respond to sounds and quickly recognize the difference in pitch and frequency of the sound.

Musical instruments improve this innate inclination. It elevates the learning and recognition process. Introduction to music at a very fragile age can be crucial for child development. A musical drum set completes the task of the perfect gift for any kid above four years of age.

  • Boost memory of a child
  • Enhance cognitive development
  • Invoke creativity in kids

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5. Interactive wall charts

Childhood possesses sharper memory, and children learn quickly. Their recognition and perception process is astonishing, and they immediately grasp vivid and colourful characters. The unique qualities of kids require brushing, so their games should be helpful in that. Introduction of cheerful learning stuff like interactive charts can also partake in playing. Therefore, it provides the proper utilization of childhood before the actual initiation of kindergarten.

Interactive wall charts supplicate the requirement of a complete package of learning and playing. Space decorated with attractive wall charts quickly grasps the attention of the child. Colourful figures of animals, numbers, alphabets, vegetables, and maps hold an inventive approach to engage the concentration of kids.

  • Enhance flash memory
  • Encourage learning behaviour
  • Help to achieve the developmental milestone

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6. Floor Puzzle

Challenging tasks to children support the development of the logical thinking brain. Therefore, early training and proper strategy are required. There is a designated research wing that develops innovative methods of problem-based learning.

Today, schools and kindergarten are adopting strategies for the development of cognitive intelligence in children, and interaction with puzzles is one of them. Puzzles improve memory patterns, motor coordination, design recognition functions of children. Introduction at a tender age develops the problem-solving skills in the child.

Floor puzzle is an ideal game to initiate the preparation of problem elucidation art in the child. A wide range of distinct patterns and different diagrams grab the attention of the germinating mind. It is a perfect gift for any occasion like a birthday and Christmas.

  • It improves knowledge
  • Develop cognitive intelligence
  • Build problem-solving and pattern recognition skill

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7. Candyland game

Cognitive development is essential, but the progression of social and emotional behaviour is also significant. Therefore, collaborative exercises should be part of the daily routine of a child. A social activity like team-bonding cultivates the art of communication and cooperation in kids. According to a study, a four years old child understands the impact of team-building.

Teamwork activities in preschool children encourage the knowledge sharing and learning process in children from their peers. Children’s inclination towards playing is more in the group rather than solely.

A team-building game should be included in the daily activity of a child. Four years is an ideal age to introduce group activity games like Candyland. This game nurtures the teamwork sense in children, along with concentration and language learning process.

  • Encourage social activity
  • Help in learning the language
  • Build bonds with peers

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8. Basket-ball set

Children are like buds, and everything that contributes to their overall development is essential. Physical activities develop sensory and motor neurons of the peripheral and central nervous systems. It also helps in strengthening the voluntary muscles, provides agility and strength to the child. 

The physical activities begin in kindergarten, but its early introduction in the form of a game (basketball) for toddlers and pre-school children would be beneficial. Physical games are not limited to physical metamorphosis, but cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural advancement is also a component of it.

Basketball is an ideal gift for four years of children. A child can play in a team or alone at any place like the backyard, lawn, and living area. To get a healthy body and mind a complete game set is significant for the gross development of a child.

  • Essential for physical and mental growth
  • Teach the essentials of team-work
  • Portable to carry at any place of choice

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9. On a beam of light- A story of Albert Einstein: A winter read

Reading is a reflection of an enlightened mind, and it is a fundamental requirement to develop creative imagination in kids. Reading stories is the best training for the gross development of the cerebrum. It is a lifelong process, begins at a truly tender age.

Introduction to the right book at the right age is an art to learn. It is difficult to note down the benefits of reading/storytelling, but it has the power to shape childhood. Some stories imprint a lifelong impact on the minds of readers. 

Storytelling is also impactful, like reading. Storytelling helps toddlers in recognizing, pronouncing, and learning new words. A long list of books recommended for kids, but a book based on Albert Einstein named “On a beam of light- A story of Albert Einstein” by Jennifer Berne is popular between parents and children. 

It demonstrates the creative methods of teaching with its engaging literature. The stories and incidences could be a life-changing experience for kids.

  • Ideal reading for kids between 4 to 6 years.
  • Builds confidence and spark curiosity in kids.
  • Comprehensive personality development

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10. Play dollhouse

Kids are fascinated with the activities of elders, so they mimic the people around them. They quickly learn and reflect on the things they observe. The tremendous capacity to impersonate and keen observation encourage them to behave like adults. The acquisition of these characteristics enables kids to understand family dynamics.

The teaching of proper behaviour and action to the kids support them to grow. Employment of relevant toys can also accompany the same purpose. Thus, kid’s toys should possess a feature to strengthen social, communication, and cognitive skills.

In pursuance of all these qualities, the most suited gift would be a dollhouse. A dollhouse is a fitting gift for the age of four to six years old children. A miniature replica of a house invokes the imagination, creativity, and responsible behavior of kids. It brings fun and interaction with the best lifetime experience.

  • Supports complete development of a child
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Helpful in bring up awareness

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We have read about the importance of the selection of the right stuff for kids. One fundamental thing which came out of it is that kid’s toys should be beneficial in grooming their complete personality. It takes part in the construction and promotion of their social, mental, and physical abilities. So, gear up to surprise your child with a perfect Santa gift that can be a blend of useful traits.

Happy Christmas and happy gifting!

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