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Pallavi Prakash Kumar
Pallavi Prakash Kumar

Pallavi – A writer on her journey of self-discovery

I choose a pen and paper to express my feelings and to bring a balance to my Oxytocin levels. I also choose to write when I prefer explaining in writing over verbalizing, resonating with Nicole Krauss’s reasons for writing. There is some part of me that just cannot “file OR forget”, same as Ralph Ellison’s purpose for writing.

I remember writing a love-letter to my lil kangaroo even before he was born. I think it was my second trimester. All else being Ok, the little idiot gave us nail-biting – jittery days and sleepless nights as the lazy bum hadn’t given me the slightest kick by then. Hence, the love-letter ordering him to behave. Either God heard it or him or both… it happened, nothing short of a grand kickbox warming the very cockles of our hearts. Wow! I immediately picked up a pen and yellow paper to express this joyous moment. An ecstatic moment – a magnificent trio after a decade.

This is how my kick-ass journey (Kick-ass or Kick -Box, You Decide) as a writer began. Full credits to my kangaroo who was then constantly kicking and punching me to be in-line with what my heart really wanted. Aghh! Ummm!

Louise Hay in her book “You can heal your Life” says: “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete in meaningful ways. I look at the past with love and choose to learn from my old experiences. All is well in my world.”

I have created ‘She Narrates’ a space where I am scripting life lessons borne out of my experiences and experiments as a woman, professional and mother. These are not only for my lil one but also for all parents: present and future and their young ones, looking out for what and how to cater to their multifarious concerns, and for adults looking out for the Soul’s nourishment. 

Good news, ‘She Narrates’ also offers a platform to writers and authors to contribute their write-ups on parenting and life skills.

So, here I am, an IT engineer, a writer, a blogger, a social contributor, and a parent. These memoirs and writings are my legacies. Welcome to my blog!

I believe we are our biggest saviours, and hope and pray to have touched the tip of the iceberg before my life encounters a full-stop.