“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

You can Heal Your Life’ (YCHYL) by Louise Hay published by the renowned publisher ‘Hay House’, with its footprint in four major countries, is a non-fiction, comfortable read that may actually transform your life. YCHYL is an International bestseller and Louise is ‘New York Times’ bestselling author.

It has lessons for a lifetime. It is recommended that one reads it on the go the first time. To reap maximum benefits – read it slowly the next time and do the exercises diligently. Reading in a group with like-minded people and working through the exercises together results faster in re-programming the old, outlived beliefs. 

This book has its translated version in over 30 languages. You Can Heal Your Life also has its expanded version as a Movie (a short documentary of this book).

The book is full of positivity, it’s encouraging and uplifting. The name itself “You can heal your life” implies a lot and raises the hope of healing the life we are living right now, and living it to the fullest. Louise is a metaphysical teacher with the great gift of lucid and straightforward exposition. As you’ll see, the book is not all serious and has some great comical expressions too, Louise’s classics.

I rate this book 5-star because it has the capacity to bring light into anyone’s life as it did to mine. Whether it’s one’s relationship with self or with others both animate or inanimate, healing happens. Of course, one has to work the exercises diligently to understand and follow the process. I stand converted, I not only live by the philosophies of Louise Hay, I regularly try to follow the exercises. 

‘YCHYL’ is a highly recommended self -help book for those who are looking to understand and practice their emotional & mental well-being and for those who need help in finding their self-esteem. It helps one know the importance of self-love which is a well-researched accepted notion for moving forward in the right direction.

An important section of the book is dedicated to how diseases are created by limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and mental patterns; and how positive affirmations can help one in restructuring the mental patterns for a good dis-ease-free life. For chronical diseases, willingly working on limiting beliefs, thoughts & patterns in parallel with the medical experts can accelerate the improvement of the medical condition & recovery.

Other books in the same genre are by authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Robert Holden, Rhonda Byrne etc.  All of these talk about positivity, affirmations, holistic healing and leading a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Genre: Self-help, Non-fiction, Psychology, Health

Important tip: Read a part of the book each day, either for 15-20 minutes or 3-4 pages as you deem fit. Try approaching these books with an intent to increase your knowledge and not from the standpoint of ‘finishing the book’.