11 Powerful Reasons to Make Audio Stories a Part of your Family and Kids’ Life

The medium via which information is passed down to young children has fairly been consistent throughout time, i.e., written and spoken words. And ‘Stories’ have always been the single most effective way of transferring knowledge and making children wiser on the dynamic scale of life. Telling children stories is not only a bonding moment but also an opportunity to teach them the nuances of life and life skills. With that said, I’d like to add, little ones tend to have much more energy and, of course, more free time than adults. So, it can sometimes get a bit challenging to manage the time and energy gap. This is where Audio stories come in.

Listening to’ Audio stories’ is one creative and thoughtful way out to keep children entertained and ahead of time in the new, digitized world. The rhythmic and dramatic narration with a backdrop organum has the power to take anyone into the tale and open the gates of one’s mind to different dimensions.

What are Audio Stories?

Audio stories, or as you may have heard, Audio Books, is a captivating way of telling stories. The narrator, using a combination of music and effective narrating skills, captures the attention of the child to educate and entertain them simultaneously. Despite what you may think, Audio stories isn’t a new trend. Audio stories have been around since the 1930s, but it has gained mainstream appeal only since the advent of the internet. 

11 Powerful Reasons to Make Audio Stories a Part of your Family and kids’ Life:

Reason 1: Listening to audio stories with your little ones on, say a playdate, can not only keep them entertained but also create memories they and you will remember fondly.

Reason 2: Sometimes, we adults can get a bit off the track in life. Listening to audio stories intended for kids provides us with some nostalgia and, perhaps, learn from the “moral of the story” alongside the young ones. An individual is, after all, never too old to learn.

Reason 3: Research has shown that audio stories can help us deal with anxiety and stress. Listening to the mixture of soothing music and the calming voice of the narrator can help subside whatever chaos we might be facing temporarily. 

Reason 4: One of the most enjoyable aspects of listening to a story is the discussion that follows upon its end. Listening to an audio story together and then expressing your thoughts and feelings about the chapter/story can be quite a delight.

Reason 5: The way a narrator of an audio story speaks is not only calm and soothing but also highly expressive. These narrators are professionals that have oratory skills much more advanced than an average joe. Children pick up on these professionals’ patterns of speech and invariably improve their oratory skills. 

Reason 6: Some children enjoy reading while some may despise it. For the latter, audio stories are a highly effective alternative. Children who are reluctant to read can simply enjoy listening to a book and gain all the knowledge from it. On the flip side, if they have the book in hand or on a device, they should try and read it alongside the narrator. Doing this will not only build up interest but also improve their fluency and help them be efficient readers.

Reason 7: If you, the parent/guardian, are an avid reader, you would naturally want your children to appreciate the wonderful world of literature as well. However, as discussed, it can sometimes be a bit tough getting kids to read. So, you can introduce them to this world via audio stories. And sometimes kids follow their parents, so GO ON, parents continue reading books! A reason which is a trade-off!

Reason 8: One of the biggest challenges for parents today is the increase in their children’s screen time. Audio stories are an excellent alternative. Instead of spending time on phones or laptops, children can spend their time listening to these stories entertaining and passively educating themselves.

Reason 9: Listening to audio stories is an activity that most individuals can enjoy no matter the age. Adults and children can together enjoy these stories and spend some quality family time together. You will be surprised by how entertaining stories intended for kids can be. Especially if you see how much the young ones are enjoying them. 

Reason 10: The advantages of audio stories are numerous, but the most important one, in my opinion, is its ability to help with language comprehension. A child may be reluctant to read because they may lack comprehension of the language, suffer from a small vocabulary, or lack fluency; everything audio stories have shown to help with. 

Reason 11: An audio story helps with the growth of your child’s visualizing and listening skills. Being a good listener helps one learn and empathize with others. The ability to visualize makes the events of a story much more engaging. 

Where can you encourage your kids to listen to audio stories?

Well, well well, audio stories for kids at ‘Storyland™’ by ‘She Narrates ™’! These are free! You can access several audio stories on ‘She Narrates ™’ for free! The stories at ‘Storyland’ have been curated by a team of professionals for educational as well as entertainment purposes. The editing team has done a fantastic job of incorporating sound effects relevant to each story and using background music to fill in any gaps. The narrator has an immaculate way of speaking, perfectly suited for kids. For informative and entertaining audio stories, visit ‘She Narrates ™’.

Make a ‘Ritual’ out of audio stories!

This is my favourite part when it comes to audio stories. One audio story can make way for a variety of engaging activities for the child, and what I like to call, even a ‘family bonding activity’!  Stories at Storyland are purposely kept short, simple, and narrated in a way that is aimed at boosting a child’s imagination.

Try this weekend activity powered by Storyland by She Narrates ™:
1. Pick an audio story of your choice and listen to it with your little one on a Saturday night.

2. Try engaging in a discussion aimed at the moral of the story.

3. On Sunday, sit together and try recalling the story, and using that to draw/colour/plan puppet plays with the characters in the story, and let your child’s imagination go wild! (If you need help, you can take inspiration from our innocently artistic audio stories’ thumbnails!)

4. This time go the other way round! Before your little one is spoiled by his/her grandparents with a new story, this time let them narrate the audio story or the moral lesson they listened to and learned the day before! 

This is our audio story ritual! If there are more fun activities you can help us with, we will be excited to hear!

Furthermore, we are all ears to your feedback and open to customizing audio stories at ‘Storyland’ by She Narrates for you, so do share your experiences in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you would like your kids to listen to, any age group that you want us to prioritize, let us know. ☺

Happy listening and as always happy parenting!

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