Super-excited parents, set to watch their little bundle of joy – first ever performance on stage, dying to hear the call of 2B campers, trying to look cool and pretending to be amused and engaged, musing in their seats, that’s us, parents of Pratham – Pallavi and Prakash.

It’s taking forever, Toddlers performance, then 2A campers… THEN….NEXT… Finally,

“Here comes our 2B campers led by Khushboo Ma’am…” said the Usher

Hark! “Our Son, now!” Prakash’s excitement is palpable and contagious. I clutch the bag in my lap firmly, nervous as hell, as if it is me going on stage.

Prakash realised he had to capture the grand show on a video and jumped up from his seat to locate that “perfect spot” to shoot this memorable moment. The angle had to be perfect too, nothing could be left to chance so he called up his friend, strategically seated at the front to be doubly sure that the memories are latched securely with us. Fully knowing that professional videographers were already shooting, not a single parent left it just to them, none were ready to give their excitement a backseat.

Sound of rumble and lo and behold! In came the twinkling stars of 2B running and taking their respective positions as trained.

The moment had arrived! Nothing short of epic proportions.

The first presentation was a song playing in the background, children were standing, all cool and collected, gazing in admiration of the audience, trying to answer all the “wh” questions despite not having an iota of clue about why so many people had gathered in front of them. Prakash from his identified perfect spot was video graphing the show and simultaneously encouraging him, cueing him. This was supposed to be a great help but my lil one started shying away, as was usual – from papa.

I know what was coming, Looking around for mommy. Mmmmm!

And then started the gesture I know so well, twisting his hands palms upwards, rotating his cute little fingers, Mommy nowhere, how come! Where is she papa? His eyes were scanning the little crowd. There you go! His eyes caught mommy’s swinging gesture. Oh!  Ho ho ho! All was well in Pratham’s little universe. From that moment on, he joined me in from a distance, I was not just cueing him, I was performing too! We clapped, we jumped, we moved sideways, and this and that and we closed the first song together. The second song played soon after, by now Pratham was on his own now, dancing to the tune, tapping cute lil feet, swinging the tiny body. And so the show went on without any glitches!!!

Our first private moment together and I said “Baby! You made me burst into tears of joy, heart exploding with happiness, Oh Boy! You can’t be kidding, you- adorable munchkin! Sweetheart! You practiced so much every day, you made me proud, you didn’t forget a little thing. Awwww! Muah! Muah! Muah! You have surprised us! You are the best gift God can ever gift us!”

Thais was our first experience watching the little munchkin in a public performance. To Almighty! Thank you! For giving me this opportunity to enjoy to the fullest with this superstar.  

First stage performance on summer camp culmination- 13th June’ 2018

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