Reflections & the generic New Normal- Part 1

In this blog today, I am reflecting on my experiences of staying home from Ides of March 2020 (15th March 2020) till the culmination of the fourth-phase (i.e. on 31st May 2020) of the nationwide lockdown period. I am also reflecting on what was the NEW work-life amidst the stressful pandemic period. We also have a definition and an acrostic on ‘new normal’ in this blog, a term that has again become generic in our conversations these days. Towards the end, we have a list of requisites on behavioural changes to keep-up with, after the pandemic quake. We close this blog with gratitude to all the essential co-workers who have always served us selflessly. So, stay tuned till the end!

I begin by asking, haven’t we all discovered new things about ourselves, looked out for new ways of healthy adaptations, discovered new ways of running businesses, customized the delivery/deliverables by virtual means, orchestrated to new-work-life balances?

Many of us also learned new skills, indulged into long-lost hobbies, leaned into our creative talents, explored different work opportunities, experimented new ideas, looked for ways to grow spiritually etc., isn’t it?

Precisely! This period was and is about being resilient, anti-fragile yet lively-spirited in adapting to the new ways and protocols, most wanted, even after the coronavirus quail.

Now, I want to acknowledge and share my experiences here. Like many of you, I too found myself being more purposeful and productive. I too witnessed the change. I was also handling both my personal & professional life- all happening under one roof- much differently. I’ve also customized my day to day chores- resized my personal and professional boundaries. As a freelance writer, I re-defined my work commitments, revisited my work proposals, redrafted all the templates.

Sometimes, it feels so surprisingly resplendent, and then I pinch myself to ask was it the magic wand tool*, the one that I use in the Adobe Photoshop for pixel selections, played out its role in real-time! Joking! When I reflect today, at the dawn of the containment period, I see that I was choosing only important chores in the past three months to stay happy, calm, and resilient in the new setup of life. My endeavours are to keep at it to the best of my abilities and capabilities.

My blessings served me too! My partner has been a prayer answered, domestic bliss, in helping me manage the household chores.

Besides, there are a few practices and rituals that I kept maintaining (religiously since 2018) helped me bounce back quickly and miraculously. There are some of the habits I eliminated (or cut-down on) from my everyday routine and lifestyle because they were not serving me in my highest good then and at present. You would find those reflections here.

I remember, initially, it was like alternating between mixed feelings of anxiousness and spur, in adapting to the new lifestyle of working from home and doing the household chores without helpers. Also, the fearsome thoughts were tiring my mind and body unseeingly. First 15-20 days, I wasn’t able to bring myself to any positive or comforting thoughts. I was mostly choosing to sleep through the days. I’d hear the affirmative songs of Karen Drucker and 101 power thoughts by Louise Hay, play them on, and go off to sleep listening. After almost a week, I slowly seemed to pick myself up. I started journaling twice a day (sometimes even more), re-joined the book reading members, started meditating, and so on.

Now, as we have almost come to the end of this blog, I’d like to quickly take you through the definition of ‘new normal’ with an acrostic. We all know that we have completed our 4-phase of the nationwide lockdown, and the business operations other than the essential services have also picked up its pace; let us be more careful and self-reliant now.

Here’s, the definition-

New Normal is a term used in a business which refers to new norms and new financial state of affairs to adhere to after the depression phase of a business. This term became standard after the global economic turning point in the fiscal year 2007-2008, followed by a recession period of four years. This phrase has become generic again, during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. This term is used in a variety of contexts. During the financial crisis, the term new normal is used by the economists and policymakers of the industries and companies to discuss the new state of affairs. In the COVID-19 situation, the term New Normal refers to the human behavioural changes adopted after the pandemic quake to live self-reliantly safe, and healthy.

Reflections & the generic New Normal- part 1 - image 1

On behalf of my, She Narrates writers’ team; I take a moment to salute the healthcare workers, bankers, our police departments, all the essential care workers who were helping us day in day out to keep us safe at the cost of their lives. Jai Hind! And a prayer to those who have transitioned!

Reflections & the generic New Normal- part 1 image 2

Now, every individual, post 31st May’ 2020 is wearing the title of a warrior, front-liner, unsung hero etc. along with our essential care workers, isn’t it? Such a proud moment for all of us! So, let us co-operatively continue to live and maintain our physical, mental and social well-being. Here is a list of human behavioural requisites as our new normal, after the pandemic quake:

  • stay home as far as possible,
  • rework your ‘essentials’ definition,
  • avoid travelling, especially those in the state-wise containment zone
  • wash and sanitize hands frequently,
  • wear face-mask correctly,
  • wear the mask while outside and at work
  • keep up at healthy eating habits
  • drink water frequently; hot water helps
  • follow the Namaste culture of greeting people,
  • maintain a safe hand-distance in public,
  • diligently follow the grocery sanitization process to contain the spread.

The number of corona positive cases in India is still rising. Yet, together we can contain the spread by choosing to stay indoors and maintaining our safety.

Please feel free to share your experiences adapting to the new lifestyle during the quarantine period of last three months. I would be happy to hear from you and extend my help if I can, in any manner.

Thank you! Be blessed! Always remember that the Universe has your back!

P.S.- *Finding the closest tolerance value is the key function of this tool in Photoshop.