Musing Lines

Celebrating motherhood every day…🌻
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When all you want 
is some glimpses of sunshine
to clear the clouds of confusion
When all you want
is some glimpses of rain
to settle the dusts of apprehension
your exhilarating impulses
your euphoric inspiration
your ethereal guidance and clarity
To reshape rephrase
& rearticulate
all things
new fresh & different
Musings: Pallavi (She Narrates)
Picture credits: Arun Kala
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Didactic cinquain on ‘Lockdown’. Crafted with the spirit of changing the energy for the word ‘Lockdown’ positively…
by Pallavi (She Narrates)
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Inspired by the quotes of Tao Te Ching ->
When the student is ready, the teacher appears
When the student is really ready, the teacher disappears.
In the same way:
When the thought is really ready, the craft is definitely consumed
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Below is a list of affirmations that helps me align with the process of creation:
I open myself to the wisdom within.
I am open & receptive to all the divine cues.
I completely trust the process of creation.
I am divinely guided at all times.
All things unfold at the perfect right time, place and sequence for me.
I interpret the guidance clearly, easily and effortlessly.
I love myself as much as I love knowing
the Universe has my back.
& so it is! ~Inspired by Louise Hay
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The space between confusion and clarity is the interleave, for sifting and sorting of emotions.
When nature magically maps my clouded thoughts in her vividness helping with the arrays of guidance, it leaves me in awe!
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