“Mirror Work” by Louise Hay

The book “Mirror Work” by Louise Hay (New York Bestselling author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’), published by her renowned publishing house ‘Hay House’, discusses her signature method for self-love and self-care. This book ‘Mirror work’ (third reprint 2017) has 180+ pages and comprises of 21 simple, structured and concise chapters on mirror exercises. A mirror exercise/work is done by looking at oneself in front of the mirror, speaking and repeating positive affirmations (as guided in the chapters), aloud or softly.

‘Mirror work’ promises that one can master this powerful self-love tool within 21 days.  The 21 chapters serve as an ongoing support for positive transformation and self-care.

Every chapter in this book begins with a general discussion on the topic, followed by mirror exercise, followed by a journaling exercise and a heart thought for the day. It finally closes with the meditation for the day. So it helps readers to learn a method and adopt a powerful everyday habit. 

This book is highly recommended for those who are looking for a tool on self-love, self-care and self-esteem.  I’d rate this book five stars. Louise Hay’s signature method for self-love has helped me and continues to help me immensely. I reflect upon my life experiences, and connect with my inner self as a means of self-love routine.

Genre: Self-help

Important Tips by She Narrates: 

  1. Read slow: Read ‘one chapter a day’ without breaking the continuity until 21 days (before the book gets over) for a good read and a powerful habit adoption. Hence, one completes the book in three weeks and also adopts a useful life-transforming habit. 
  2. One can listen to the audio version of the meditation of every chapter, by following the link and using the code mentioned under the ‘Welcome’ section.