“This is how I define Parenting”

Parenting Definition at She Narrates

A conscious parent provides individualistic parenting to every child. Because each child is unique and uniquely endowed with talents, needs and fancies peculiar to her only. A parent needs to have a fluid and dynamic personality to cater to different needs of the child. This process of fluidity happens organically with those who enjoy parenthood. In the present times when changes are taking place at a fast speed, a parent has to evolve faster to help the child adjust with the changing times.

Being a parent is a satisfying, enriching and uplifting experience, only if it is divested of parental expectations (both societal and filial). It is said that a child raises a parent. So apt. Parenting is a skill as well as a talent. A successful parent is one who customises as per the needs and abilities of her child. A child is to be nurtured holistically. A child has to be cultivated not only physically and intellectually but emotionally and spiritually too. It happens not by indoctrination or rituals or sermons. It is an organic process that occurs when the parent forges a bond with her child intuitively and spontaneously. The bond that is stripped of all worldly expectations will nurture the parent as well as the child.

If a child is nurtured with food of love, the manna of happiness and the nectar of appreciation, she enters into adulthood to thrive and not only to survive. The child raised with thoughts of joy and love will definitely help others to realise their potential. A parent must have her own personal and professional life so that child is to be left free to explore and learn from her experience.

To be a parent is a small part of the cosmic plan and has to be accepted like that only. The birth of a child is a facet of the cosmic plan. The child is there not to cater to a parent needs or fill a vacuum. If this philosophy is incorporated in practical life, then it can restructure a parent-child relationship where both the entities empower each other.

Author: Manisha Gupta

She is an M.Phil. in English literature. An avid reader, her second love is to walk. A deep thinker, she is candid in expressing her views on topics, controversial or not. Manisha firmly believes that the nomadic nature of her life has taken her almost everywhere in India and has enriched her inner world. Manisha lives in Delhi with her husband and two beautiful daughters.