Importance of Comic Books for Children

Importance of Comic Books reading for Children. Powerful benefits of reading comic books.

Comic books have existed in our world for over 80 years. But the last fifteen years have particularly witnessed how comic books have taken over cinemas, toys, clothing. Some even prefer comic character-inspired names for their pets. A whole culture has developed around these imaginaries over the top stories.

Comic books are art, art that is designed in the best way to help children learn and grow; visual stories in them have a stronger and staying influence. The ultimate simultaneous integration of visual and verbal communication in comic books assists in developing visual thinking skills and nurtures curiosity in children. 

Yes, comic books are ‘entertaining’, but ‘not just entertaining’; their benefits go infinity and beyond. Let us explore the positive aspects of comic books and their importance for children with this blog.

  • Welcome your kids to the world of reading!

In today’s time, television, mobile phones, and video games dominate children’s senses. Because of this, a lot of children miss out on the captivating beauty of reading. They don’t find reading as vibrant as the gadgets’ world. Comic books can offer a powerful solution to this problem. Mixing vibrancy and reading, they provide a very entertaining Segway for introducing children to reading. Once they start getting interested in reading, they will grow exponentially. Don’t be shocked if one day, your child starts to skim through hundreds of books as fast as “The Flash”. 

Reading Comic Books is important for Children as it helps them grow exponentially.

In the formative years of your kids, you might have taught them by using picture books. Comic books are an extension of picture books. Comic books, through their pictures, give the word a visual representation. They are visual stories.

The books that are not considered literature can teach verbs, adjectives, punctuations, and other parts of speech to the kids in a much easily conceivable format.

  • Improve inferential thinking and become a detective!

The world of a comic book is immersive. Kids can read and build their world and also get better at problem-solving. Have you heard of “The Batman” effect?

Studies suggest that children engaging in pretend play while performing mundane or difficult tasks can have enhanced focus and better attention span. While they role-play Batman or any fictional character, they tend to engage longer and be more focused. They tend to mirror the qualities they admire in their favourite characters and take steps towards building perseverance. The Batman effect also helps kids improve their decision-making skills when they imagine themselves in different scenarios and approach the task at hand by self-distancing.

Reading Comic Books is important for Children. It helps improve inferential thinking in children.

In comic books, unpredictability and magic exist. Plus, the whole comic creation process has several stages of development, from conception to completion. In the comic creation process, first, the story ideation, plot development, and scripting happens. Once the script is ready, it goes through the Art Production stage, which again has a few sub-stages of development and then the final editing, re-editing, printing, marketing, and distribution, happens. You might be wondering why I am talking about the comic creation process here! It’s because children get a chance to look at the finest art in their hands and figure out hidden details about the story, which helps a child improve their inferential thinking and their capability to depend on their intuition. So, don’t let your child miss upon the fine benefits of reading comic books mindfully.

  • Become righteous and save the world!
Benefits of reading comic books to children can be life-altering. It can encourage children to become righteous as a Superman and save the world.

A lot of comic books come with high moral values. These values exist in their characters and the story and are not taught like moral science lessons. Children get to use their own reasoning to make sense of these values, which strengthens the personality they build in life. Maybe your child can get inspired by the righteousness of “Superman” and bring a better change to this world. 

  • Fly in and out of beautiful imaginations!
The powerful benefits of reading comic books to children are many. It helps children become more creative.

Comic books usually follow nonlinear storytelling, which means that the stories in comic books take months through years to finish. With such a huge time frame, children can make up their own stories using their imagination to fill the gaps. The more they read these stories, the more ideas they come up with. And the more ideas they come up with, the more creative they become. One day you might even see your child writing the story for the next “Avengers“. 

  • Expanding memory, enhancing powers!
The empowering benefits of reading comic books to children are many. Reading Comic Books help children enhance their memory, and expand their imaginations.

The human brain registers more when there are more sources of information. Each shape, frame, colour, layout serves as an individual source. Comic books have multiple colours and various layouts that design the environment and its characters. When texts/words get added to these, the cherry meets the cake. Children get to see many such sources, and with time they begin to link real-world information to the shapes, colours, frames in comic books. Who knows, your child could develop a memory like “The Thinker” and come up with mind-boggling innovations. 

  • Not all heroes fly!
The powerful benefits of reading comic books to children are many. It helps enhance children's perspectives and introduce them to new concepts about the world!

Comic books don’t just mean superheroes. Superheroes comics became a lot more famous due to the grandiose they have. A lot of other comics like “Owly” and “All’s Faire in Middle School” deal with friendships, social issues, family, etc. exist. These different types of comics can enhance children’s perspectives and introduce them to new concepts about the world. 

Some other great comics that you can offer your children are “Teen Titans” by Art Baltazar and Franco Aurelian and “Chi’s Sweet Home” by Konami Kanata.

Comic books will continue to influence and change the world. Their impact in the last decade has seen the formation of new communities, connections, and friendships. They are much more than being a source of entertainment; they are a catalyst for harmony.         

When you see your child reading a comic, do not think they are wasting their time. Reassure yourself that your child is taking a fun approach to growing and learning. And make sure to give them the best comic books available!

And as always, I say ‘Introduce your Child to Diverse Genres’. When a child reads books of various genres, she or he can maintain a balance between fiction and reality and prevent the onset of “anti-social” behaviour. Introducing diverse genres is our simple solution for those who maintain this critical concern towards reading. 

Enjoy the sweet treat of comic books with your children sometimes and raise happy, self-confident readers!

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