Benefits of Audio Stories for Children

9 Benefits of Audio Stories for Children at Storyland brought to you by She Narrates

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin (from Darwin’s Origin of Species)

There is no specific age or a steadfast period in life to work on one’s skills, values, and knowledge base. Learning, unlearning and relearning is part and parcel of life, and it becomes inevitable if one wants to accomplish things in life. One must constantly adapt – continually unlearn old patterns, beliefs, and habits, making space for learning new and relearning the improved ones. 

Likewise, there is no specific age or period to help children develop moral values, effective listening, enhanced thinking, and better-visualizing power. But these skills are considered to be best obtained in the salad days; children can grow up to be astounding beings and relish great virtues in life when skill building for them has been carried out consciously and effectively in their early years of learning and grooming. 

The medium via which information is passed down to young children has fairly been consistent throughout time, i.e., written and spoken words. And ‘Stories’ have been the single most effective way of transferring knowledge and making children wiser on the dynamic scale of life. Telling children stories are not only a bonding moment but also an opportunity to teach them the nuances of life and life skills.

With that said, I want to add, little ones tend to have much more energy and, of course, more free time than adults. So, it can sometimes get a bit challenging to manage the time and energy gap. This is where Audio stories come in. Listening to’ Audio stories’ is one creative and thoughtful way out to keep children entertained and ahead of time in the new, digitized world.

The rhythmic and dramatic narration with a backdrop organum has the power to take anyone into the tale and open the gates of one’s mind to different dimensions.

How does audio impact a child’s psychology?

Even before a child takes birth, she is able to respond to the auditory stimuli around her. Researches by psychologists suggest that audio plays a vital role in developing the initial and essential neural pathways in an infant’s brain. After they are born and can open their eyes to the beauty of their colourful world, they become sensitive to the sounds in their surrounding environment.

The power and influence of well-told stories on a child’s mental, social, physical and moral development are unparalleled. A plain text accompanied with visuals and other auditory sounds (e.g. animal sounds, moods displayed by tonality etc.) helps a child remember things easily and for a long time. In a way, a child develops holistically listening and reading stories. After all, learning is about making connections between the brain and the outside world, and stories with an added dose of morals and life lessons help strengthen these connections!

Now, let us take a deep dive into some of the major benefits of listening to Audio Stories for children:

  • Inculcates values even in your absence
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children, and one of them is Audio Stories helps in Inculcating values in parents and caregivers' absence.

The best way to instill values in children is to lead by example. But we cannot accompany our children all the time in all their real-life situations that test our values. 

This is where Audio Stories comes in; we can teach and instill values in our children even without them having to deal with a lot of real-life situations. The advantage of well-narrated stories is that they allow us to live, learn and lead by empathizing. Children are able to identify with the characters in a story and imagine themselves within the story while listening. They absorb their own lessons and morals during the process and store them in memory. This form of education is known as Preventive Education, which is very important for children. 

Ultimately, we all want our children to be independent, kind and compassionate Beings. 

  • Enhances language comprehension and vocabulary
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children, and one of them is Audio Stories helps in Enhancing language comprehension and vocabulary in children.

‘If language comprehension was to be a superpower, audio stories would be the superhero!’

While the advantages of audio stories are numerous, the most important one is their power to help with language comprehension. A child may be reluctant to read as she may be lacking language comprehension or struggling with vocabulary difficulties, or lacking fluency; everything audio stories have shown to help with.

Audio stories help children develop their vocabulary, which they can learn on a daily basis by listening. There are a plethora of words and ways to describe a single thing, situation and experience. So, gift your children the opportunity to develop vocabulary by diving under the ocean of new words and making creative use of them by listening to stories. 

  • Stimulates learning and imagining experience
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children, and one of them is Audio Stories helps in Stimulating the learning and imagining experience of a child/kid.

Audio stories help boost artistry intuitions of children and help them imagine the characters, settings, and themes of the stories that are dished out bit by bit during narration. Audio Stories can help children make the connection of the information in a more delightful way with backdrop organum and moral messages. I highly suggest “Make a ‘Ritual’ out of audio stories. To know how to do it, follow the link here (how-to steps are towards the end of the linked blog)!”

  • Fosters empathy and understanding
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children, and one of them is Audio Stories helps in Fostering empathy and understanding in children.

We can foster empathy and the understanding ability in our children from the very beginning, fill the communication and fellowship gap in children as stories allow them to generate the feeling of compassion & sensitivity for others. Children tend to remember both the good and the bad and make their own sense of the world by processing the details.

  • Sparks awareness, curiosity, and action
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children, and one of them is Audio Stories helps in Sparking awareness, curiosity, and action.

Good audio stories have the power to open eyes, minds and spark conscious awareness, curiosity and action. And in an audio story world, ‘curiosity never kills the cat.’ It always and always sparks conscious awareness and compassionate actions in our children for a better world.

  • Promotes active listening skills
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children, and one of them is Audio Stories helps in Promoting active listening skills in children.

We all know the significance of effective communication. But, to master it right from the start, one needs to be an effective listener first. In this regard, audio stories benefit children in practising patience and in promoting active listening skills, which further boosts the learning, societal and educational knacks in children. 

Being a good listener helps one learn and empathize with others well. 

  • Helps in building analytical thinking
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children and one of them is Audio Stories Helps in building analytical thinking in children.

 Let me share a secret which is not a secret anymore but a mindful hack to improve and expand a child’s analytical thinking skills. Audio stories help maintain a child’s inquisitive nature of discovering, exploring and learning things.  Stories also allow them to draw logical inferences by connecting items of information revealed in gradual precepts.

  • Helps in counteracting screen time
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children and one of them is Audio Stories Helps in counteracting screen time of Children.

Another most important benefit of audio stories is that it compensates for the adverse effects that the excess screen time has on our children. According to a study, children who have a screen time of more than two hours a day lack analytical thinking. Plus, those who spend more than seven hours on the screen of any electronic gadgets such as television, mobile phone, laptop, and tablet, can cause thinning of the cerebral cortex of the brain. It is the sensitive area of the brain and handles critical reasoning. On the other hand, audio stories do not have such implications on health. Instead, it focuses on developing potent and rational thinking in children. And audio stories at ‘Storyland’ by ‘She Narrates’ have purposely been kept short and uncomplicated, avoiding the fatigue and keeping children’s attention span in mind.

  • Buckles them up for reading
There are numerous Benefits of Audio Stories for Children and one of them is Audio Stories Buckles children up for reading.

Starting your little ones learning at the age of 5 to 8, or even earlier with audio stories can help prepare them for fluent reading as well-narrated audio stories will allow them to visualize the events, theme and characters in their heads. Hence, listening to an audio story acts as an excellent brainstorming activity preparing children to become fluent readers.

Now, where can you encourage your children to listen to audio stories?

If your question is where can you encourage your kids to listen to audio stories, then 'Storyland' by 'She Narrates is here for you!

Well, well well, audio stories for kids at ‘Storyland™’ by ‘She Narrates‘! These are free! You can access several audio stories on ‘She Narrates‘ for free! The stories at ‘Storyland’ have been curated by a team of professionals for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

The editing team has done a fantastic job of incorporating sound effects relevant to each story using background music which adds meaning and emotion, thus, activating the imagination. The narrator has an immaculate way of speaking, perfectly suited for kids. For informative and entertaining audio stories, visit ‘She Narrates‘.

Audio Stories at ‘Storyland‘ demonstrate fundamental values important for children while in action, without preaching, enabling them to learn from the characters’ experiences in stories and make those experiences their own. All audio stories at ‘Storyland‘ are free of literary distractions that children don’t know how to deal with. One can listen to these stories even if the screensaver mode on mobile devices is ON. This may be the best way to listen to the stories- out there – for kids. Select the audio of your kid’s choice and turn on the screensaver mode on a mobile device.

So, audio stories have uncountable pensions for you and your children. Avail of these benefits with our Audio Stories at Storyland, where we have a variety of stories for children with different life lessons.

Furthermore, we are all ears to your feedback and open to customizing audio stories at ‘Storyland’ by She Narrates for you, so do share your experiences in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you would like your kids to listen to, any age group that you want us to prioritize, let us know. ☺

Happy listening and as always happy parenting!

Post Script

When we let our little ones indulge with the internet, it becomes crucial to put parental control on devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, and websites. In case you are not aware of these security checks, visit and explore them under ‘The Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls- Lifewire’.

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